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Dog Grooming Stockport

Looking for Dog Grooming Stockport in Google?

Dog grooming Stockport is an important term for my business… So, how many dogs are there in Stockport?

There are approximately 9.5 million dogs in the Uk (and 8.2 million cats)

The population of UK is approximately 64 million.

The population of Stockport is approximately 285,000 (0.285 million), which is 1/225 of the overall population.

It can be assumed therefore that there are approximately 43,000 dogs in Stockport!!

So… “Dog Grooming Stockport” is an inevitable search term that will be used quite often here…

If you would like to bring your Stockport dog to me for Grooming I would be more than happy…. however, don’t all come at once (43,000!)

You might want him or her to be at the next Crufts… (which is not a problem..)